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How the Live Chat Support improves the Productivity of Your Website?

Live support software has become an integral part of many websites. Many live chat service providers are keen to include features that not only offer customer support but also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your website. Below are 5 ways in which a customer support live chat improves the productivity of your website.

1. Provides Proof of Contact

Unlike phone contact where the customer does not get a recorded copy of the conversation, with live chat, the customer can refer to the conversation at a future time. In fact, investing in a top-notch live chat customer support software will offer the customers an option to receive a transcription of the conversation for future use. It can also assist the chat agents to reference the previous conversation so as not repeat issues when addressing the customer.

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2. Enables Customers to Multitask on the Website

While on live chat, customers can still visit other pages on the website as they get their concerns addressed.

3. Live Chats are More Cost Effective for both the Customer and Your Business

While most live chat software have a subscription fee, it is cheaper than offering phone support. On the phone Customer support is often characterized by long hold times which further increase the costs. The cost incurred is also higher for international calls. With live chats, there are no long waiting times neither are there additional charges for getting in touch with international customers.

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4. Promotes Products Sales

Customer support live chat can be used as a sales tool. Often, a customer who visits your website is already interested in a product or service you offer.  The customer support team can reach out to a customer on the website and nudge them towards a certain product or service.

5. It Serves as a Tool for Data Collection

Live support software can allow you to collect data such as the reference link that the customer used to get to your website, operating system of device the customer is using, customer activity on the website, number of chats the customer has had previously with the agents as well as the customer’s location. You can then use this information for analysis and for more efficient decision-making on the website.


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